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Why Ron Paul matters

I just donated $50 to Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign. This despite the fact that I’m suspicious the United States will collapse in the next 50 years due to events most people think are impossible at the moment. It’s easy to be confident and arrogant when you’ve been on the top of the food chain for a while.

Ron Paul most likely has zero chance of winning an election in a system that is rigged to ensure real change is impossible. But the only guy I want as the next U.S. President does represent real change, and the United States is very overdue for it.

Ron Paul is using his presidential campaign to educate fellow candidates, Republicans, and citizens on the true meaning of liberty.


Just listen to Paul’s debate answers and speeches. Instead of focusing exclusively on exciting current issues (i.e. How can we prevent Iran from getting a nuclear bomb?), he targets ideas. He explains how government-sponsored enterprises buckled under political pressure to create the housing crisis and how inflation is the stealthiest of all taxes, particularly affecting the lower and middle classes. He asks how we expect to continue to pay for a military presence worldwide when there are needy people at home. And he explains how free trade is the most effective way to spread the values of economic and personal liberty worldwide.


Before Paul, how many people had been exposed to the unadulterated ideas of free market economics? How many people had given serious thought to the notion that government involvement in housing, medicine, and money sets the stage for those institutions’ inevitable collapse? Paul’s conviction in principles is indisputable. It’s how he applies these principles so consistently that irritates (and scares) so many on the right and left.


Setting aside the majority of Republicans’ concerns with Paul’s foreign policy, numerous left-wing columnists have written that what the candidate says about war and drug policy is worth consideration. Such writing is, of course, nearly always accompanied by at least one disclaimer that the author is not and would never dream of endorsing Ron Paul for president. His “reactionary” and “reprehensible” ideas about empowering individuals over bureaucracies make such endorsements untenable.


But that’s not the case for so many young people now coming of age politically. Many young people are rediscovering the basic idea that inspired the civil rights movement, woman’s suffrage, and the American Revolution alike: liberty.


The idea of liberty is most exciting to young people who feel the youthful urge to change the world.


What is Ron Paul really about? He represents the only candidate on the stage on either side of the fake freedom shell game who actually believes in personal liberty. Personal liberty, of course, comes with individual responsibility, something government takes away and claims for itself. Government ensures everything is done by quorum and that individuals have the least possible choice when it comes to determining their own futures. Ron Paul is a force for minimizing that trend. Paul is the only candidate who really, truly wants to reduce the size of the federal government. He is the only candidate who will work to remove unnecessary intrusion and micromanagement by bureaucrats from the lives of ‘regular’ Americans. He is the only candidate serious about reducing America’s constant bribing and badgering in places we don’t belong. Ron Paul would get people like Hillary Clinton out of the limelight. It’s long past time for Hillary’s star to wane. She represents the establishment – well-intentioned (or seemingly well-intentioned) meddlers who think they have a natural right to dictate ethics and morality to other nations from behind the protection of the military might of the United States.

The U.S. has been using diplomacy by gun for far too long. We need to focus on our own crumbling internal system before it implodes. Ron Paul is the right guy to do that. He isn’t perfect but he’s a hell of a lot closer to what I think of as Presidential material than status quo mouthpiece “Change We Can Believe In” disappointment we have currently. And anyone who believes Mitt Romney is going to shake things up in Washington, D.C. is a complete and utter fool.

The media tries to cast Paul as a no-chance racist opportunist. Nothing could be further from the truth. In a time when the United States is full of lost souls looking for hope, Ron Paul is the only candidate who actually inspires that emotion. He’s the only consistent candidate. He is the only candidate who actually believes in the “land of the free.” Ron Paul represents an America that could be, if we really wanted to be great again. He represents weaker federal government and more local autonomy. Ultimately, Ron is the only way the U.S. will start paying down debts, stop spending irresponsibly using faith-based, made up money and hopefully recover from the full-scale implosion we are headed for.

I urge you to donate to Ron Paul today. It actually matters. Even if he doesn’t win, you made a stand. You said, “I’m tired of the bullshit that is American politics in 2012.” The rigged election game will continue to pretend that Mitt Romney matters. They’ll continue to make this election a choice between the famed South Park giant douche or turd sandwich. You can’t be forced to support either. You don’t have to pretend that two business as usual guys are the only choices for the next four years of national leadership.

Ron Paul 2012 is a statement that we still have hope for individuals and for freedom. If you care about being left alone to live your life in peace, this election matters – a lot. You may disagree with Ron Paul on individual platform issues – I certainly do. However, it’s important to note that, to the best of my knowledge, Ron is the only candidate who would actually put all the power the federal government has stolen since the inception of a federal system back into the hands of states, municipalities and individuals. Ron Paul is the only candidate who actually believes individuals are competent enough to manage their own lives.

If you’ve not yet read Ron’s basic platform, now is a good time to get started: