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Why I deleted my Facebook profile

Facebook is an interesting place. It’s also a colossal waste of time. That’s why I’m deleting my profile. I realized that I have limited time and I could use it more wisely. When am I going to finish that novel? When am I going to get better at Python? When am I going to take a prize winning photo? Chances are that without Facebook in my life I might get more of my bucket list items done.

If you want to tell me something I have e-mail. If you want me to tell you something that’s what this blog is for. I no longer want to be one of the nearly 1 billion people wasting time on Facebook. I got tired of blocking apps from people who wanted to play games. I got tired of people trying to proselytize their religion or their favorite sports team or their pet cause of the day. I just don’t have the time to filter out all the junk. Life is busy enough without Facebook.

Ask yourself the last time you got a raise because of Facebook. Ask yourself what great new habit you learned while surfing Facebook. Or which bad old habit you broke because of the world’s most privacy invasive social networking site. Facebook is just white noise and I can do without it. You may be asking yourself how to delete your own profile if you happened to come across this post.

Everything you need to know about deleting your Facebook account permanently.

The above link lets you tell Facebook you want to permanently delete your profile. One caveat – read it carefully if you decide to do this – if you log back in during the 14 day “cooling off period” your Facebook profile will not be deleted. Resist the temptation.


Jeff Lowry

Well I always enjoyed our discussions on Facebook. And with some of the news feeds I subscribed to or information posted by others I have learned something new. 
I think it’s made me more social too. I’ve kept up with deployment buddies, had lunch or dinner when I was in their town or vice versa. 
I will definitely miss you there, but like you said – you have this blog and an email address, as do I.
Let me know if you need anything.


I was so addicted to Facebook.  I was a member for only 2 years.  I had more problems with people from the past that I did not really never knew only by name.  When I had the misfortune of getting to know them, it explained why I was never a friend of theirs in the fisrt place.  Which lead me to BLOCKING apps ans people.  I also have a sarcastic sense of humor and I realized that “friends” grew stick up their butts and would get offened.  I had a lot of stand up comics on my friends list too.  One of them is a great stand up. SHarp, whitty and sarcastic.  When I saw that he had to apologize for his humor, THAT WAS IT.  Also my list of friends and list of Blocked people were running neck and neck in the quantity (same amount.)  I asked myself why?  What does it offer?  NOTHING.  I deleted my account on the 4th of July an Indepence Day for me. 


Sounds like you are not missing it…hopefully I won’t either.

Cheryl Friend

Never had one, never will. I have a hard enough time finding a window of oppourtunity to sit down and read my personel email!!!

Free from Facebook

Facebook supplies us with the guise of keeping in touch.  The fact of the matter is Facebook relationships are completely superficial.  Ask yourself how many people on your ‘friends’ list are actually your friend.  Also, just as you pointed out in your post, ask yourself when the last time Facebook did something positive for you was.

There are 1,000 different ways to communicate today, and just because Facebook is the popular choice doesn’t mean it’s necessary to have a Facebook account.  I deleted mine last week, and after reading this post I’ve only reaffirmed my decision.  It IS an absolute waste of time, and in the end it can and will only cause your life more complications.  If Facebook hasn’t caused you duress yet, take note that you were warned.


I deleted my facebook because I felt like it was taking a part of my soul.  A little dramatic?  Perhaps.  Nobody gets to know one another face to face anymore.  Between facebook and text messaging, when you meet someone they immediately add you on facebook or text you, and that is how you “get to know” that person, rather than going out and doing things and actually talking in person.  What really got to me as far as communication was that when you are texting or facebook chatting someone, you are not really getting to know that person.  You are getting to know a projection of what they would like you to see.  Sure, you have ten minutes to be clever over facebook…but when you’re talking in person, you don’t have ten minutes to come up with a new “you”…you just have to be yourself.  I also found that I was actually talking to my closest friends less because of facebook as well, and now that I have freed myself, I’ve actually written letters–yes, handwritten letters–to my friends.

The world does not end without facebook…it gets better.

Too much technology

[...] with my consumption of technology that I did with my consumption of calories. That’s why I dumped Facebook. It’s why I’m limiting my web surfing to one hour a day. Overconsumption is why I no [...]

You’ve got one that starts available “Does your Scottish Highland Terrier need grooming. Double check your privacy settings to see what information is available. The quotes for facebook are for those who prefer wisdom beyond ages.


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