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MaxEmail is a better alternative to Efax

I wrote some time ago about how eFax sucks. I’m not the only one complaining about eFax.

Well, I mentioned MaxEmail as an alternative. I’ve been using them for a few months now, and I would like to report that I’ve had no problems. While MaxEmail doesn’t offer an installable application like eFax, I find that receiving my incoming faxes via Outlook 2003 works just fine, and that sending outgoing faxes (which I hardly ever do) functions as well.

The MaxEMail web site is well designed, and finding answers to questions is simple. I have not had to call them for support. The $8.95 monthly fee I pay is much better than $12.95 monthly fee Efax suddenly began demanding from me late last year.

MaxEmail also offers more palatable and varied service plans the eFax.

Additionally, eFax charges .10 per page for outgoing faxes versus MaxEmail’s .05 per 30 seconds. Most of my outgoing pages have taken about 15 seconds to transmit, so from my perspective, I’m saving significant money.

Even if the costs were equal, I would switch again. eFax customer service representatives I spoke to in 2004 were outsourced script reading Indians who had the worst phone approach to customer service I’ve ever encountered. I have nothing against Indians – I have to deal with them all the time in my line of work. However, I do have a problem with broken English, bad scripts and an obvious “I could care less attitude.”

eFax managed to lump all those things together. If you’re considering using an on-line fax service, I highly recommend MaxEmail over eFax.

Here is someone else’s opinon of MaxEmail.


John Nader

I have tested many Internet Fax services and MyFax is the one I like and trust the most. It is definitely the best quality product with the best service care. I also like their website –


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