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The stupid American gun owner

When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.
–Thomas Jefferson

Why are you focused on the guns and not the crazy? Because you have a hidden agenda, and that agenda is to refocus power.
–Will to Exist

A man who has taken for himself the right to assassinate those he considers threats thinks you are too stupid to wield any small amount of power. He wields a huge military capable of striking anywhere in the world on his behalf with the push of  button, or a spoken word, or the stroke of a pen. That man, Barack Obama, now considers you a threat. By you, I mean the American gun owner. To be fair, he has probably felt this way for a long time. The reason he is posturing and vocalizing how he feels and what he wants to do about it after all this time in power is that there have been a few recent incidents of mentally ill people getting their hands on guns and using them in murderous rampages. Make no mistake, this is an excuse, not a root cause. So the man in charge of the unmanned drones and assassin teams and occupying armies – the man with the power to reach out and kill anyone he wants, anywhere in the world, without meaningful checks and balances, without the need to explain himself to the citizens he is supposedly responsible to, is preaching to you a message: you,the American gun owner, are too stupid to be trusted with guns.

Yes, you, the American gun owner, are a stupid child, according to a self-proclaimed leader who has continued the ‘global war on terror’ and the domestic ‘war on drugs’ while failing to deliver on his promise to close Guantanamo Bay. Civil rights? Ha, ha, ha. Individual rights? Nah, can’t be bothered. Due process of law? It’s inconvenient in many cases, so we ignore it at our convenience. Not only are you too irresponsible to own automatic weapons, which all the security professionals who protect this man have full access to, but you are too irresponsible to own specific classes of semi-automatic rifles and magazines, as well as handguns. Your choices for self-defense should be extremely limited, because that will make the world safer for everyone else, especially the ruling elites. You, the citizen, are not intelligent or responsible enough to own most devices specifically made for killing. Doesn’t matter if you would only use such devices responsibly, in self-defense or for other morally upright purposes. You see, an armed population of private citizens makes the ruling class nervous. It is counter to the ruling class’ agenda of creating a dependent, docile and compliant citizenry that is easy to manipulate and which never gets uppity.

So what makes you different from a President, or a Congressman? You are not part of the American elite. The American elite do not think you should have the right to defend yourself. That function should be outsourced, and you should be made to rely on strangers for your personal safety. This is not about making a nation safer. It is about controlling a nation’s independent citizens, that shrinking group of men and women who believe that self-reliance, individualism and self-determination should always trump other value and sociopolitical systems.

You have to choose what makes you comfortable. Bear in mind that we live in a nation that is actively sending the following messages out to everyone via multiple pathways every day:

  1. Guns, and not people are responsible for the evil things that happen in society
  2. You have no individual right to defend yourself
  3. If someone acts out violently, only the ‘authorities’ are trained and equipped to deal with that
  4. Individuals can never be trusted, and are never responsible enough to be left to their own devices. We need minders, and managers, and they should be government approved minders and managers.
  5. Politicians, not you, should decide what you are allowed to do in defense of your own life, liberty and property. That is because you are not responsible enough. You are a stupid American gun owner.

A man who has given orders that have blown up children on the other side of the world, children who are acceptable losses in the ‘Global War on Terror’, now plans to surround himself with other children while telling you that you are so stupid you are putting children’s lives at risk every day because you think you are entitled to own firearms. He will then dictate to you new restrictions on what weapons you may own, despite the fact that the highest law of the land says he may not do that.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

The problem, as I see it, is that you do not live in a free state, or a free country. You, the American gun owner, are being infringed on every day, by an increasingly heavy handed elite ruling class that arrogantly tells you what’s good for you. Think about it. A man who issues kill orders all over the world, and who reserves the right to kill citizens of his own nation or any other nation without due process of law, wants to further restrict your ability to defend yourself. His excuse: crazy people got a hold of guns. Guess what? That doesn’t mean that sane people should be punished. That’s not a logical step to take, unless you have some other agenda altogether.

Crazy people will still do crazy things. Why are you focused on the guns and not the crazy? Because you have a hidden agenda, and that agenda is to refocus power.

‘Gun Control’ is a fancy term for citizen programming. You are being programmed to be less independent, less feisty, less willing to fend for yourself. You are being programmed to live in fear, rely on others for your security and to obey orders without question. You are being programmed to believe that guns are evil, and that private citizens are too irresponsible to own them. Ultimately, you, the stupid American gun owner, will find yourself a political pariah if you don’t fight back against this tidal wave of sentiment.

How can you do that, effectively and constructively? Add your voice to the opposition. Point out that a man who uses unmanned drones to assassinate people without needing to explain each and every kill order to his constituency is not necessarily the best man to be dictating gun control measures to Americans. Support organizations who are speaking out against the ruling elites who believe you are stupid, too stupid to be trusted with basic rights such as self-defense. Join with other stupid gun owners to demand an end to the ceaseless poison that is teaching young generations to fear guns and the gun culture.

Gun Owners of America
Downsize D.C.
Free State Project

Educate yourself about the issue.

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You, stupid American gun owner, go teach five friends to shoot. Help them buy their first rifle or handgun. Exercise your rights. Vocally defend your rights. Make it clear that a fiscally irresponsible man who seemingly has no respect for the Constitution or due process of law, or the inherent responsibilities of the citizen does not speak for you in this matter. He is not a king, and his sycophants are not your overlords. Stand up before you find yourself forced to bend the knee.

When you see all those children up on stage with the ruling elites, remember that those are the children who will be most affected if you allow those ruling elites to be the only ones with guns. Do you want those children strong and independent, or do you want them to live meekly, never questioning, and compliant in every way? That’s what this is really about. A right you are unwilling to fight for will always be taken away eventually.