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I’m not paying my medical bills anymore

I came across a very interesting article urging me not to pay my medical bills today.

As health-care costs continue to soar, millions of confused consumers are paying medical bills they don’t actually owe. Typically this occurs when an insurance plan covers less than what a doctor, hospital, or lab service wants to be paid. The health-care provider demands the balance from the patient. Uncertain and fearing the calls of a debt collector, the patient pays up.

Most consumers don’t realize it, but this common practice, known as balance billing, often is illegal. When doctors or hospitals think an insurer has reimbursed too little, state and federal laws generally bar the medical providers from pressuring patients to pay the difference. Instead, doctors and hospitals should be wrangling directly with insurers. Economists and patient advocates estimate that consumers pay $1 billion or more a year for which they’re not responsible.

In this world where consumers and citizens are constantly urged not to take responsibility for their own lives, I find this to be an interesting conundrum.

If my insurance agency is acting as my agent, then why should I be paying the bills or spending little pieces of my life arguing about the amounts? That seems pretty logical. On the other hand, I have an obligation to pay for services rendered. Yet the provider did not spend any time explaining what the cost of the services being rendered would be.

I received a bill for eight dollars for dental services the other day showing that my insurance company did not pay and explaining that I owed the difference. I think I’ll just forward it to my insurance company – they spend all their time making me prove that I was actually treated for whatever I saw the doctor for – they’ve wasted hours of my time rejecting claims that were clearly valid. Now it’s their turn to respond to my demands.

In a world where customer service often seems to be the last thing on people’s minds, I’m going to demand more from those I do business with.



LOL that would be awesome to just not pay. I had a surgery back in April and seriously, I have like 20 doctors who all want a piece of me financially.

Ok ok, I know I have to pay the co-insurance which is at 10% *and* the insurance company negotiated a 23K surgery down to about 6K, so I can’t cry too much, but damn. I wish the hospitals would have centralized billing where I send one check and they disburse it to the various doctors.

Some indian dr. that I met at 2 a.m. who didn’t do anything but wake me up, check my vitals, lecture me on smoking, wants $600 bucks. 8O


$600 for waking someone up sounds excessive! :evil:


I had surgery 4 months ago for a collapsed lung, I have like 10-15 doctors charging me hundreds of dollars and I only saw 3 doctors when I was there. I also owe the hospital 2500 dollars because I spent a week in there, my health insurance paid about 60,000 dollars for that surgery and they still want more money from me


Kick that indian doctor who wants to suck money from you.


good luck , i am so far in debt just on the 20% that medicare doesnt pay that i will be paying for the rest of my life. what is it dbeters prison now or scare tactics to make you pay telto come get me.

mike "free speech"

unpaid medical bills;
i wish but lets face the facts. Theres no way to have the government pay for anything. The united states governement is only here to steal from americans and support forigners and other countries. Heres my story i had cancer from age 16-19 im 23 now as soon as i turned 18 the state insurance i had cut me off. So now i was left to pay the bill which i didnt up until a few months ago which now my wages are being GARNISHED, yes garnished as if we as americans make little enough and now my checks are cut in half……go figure. Then i go down to the welfare office to try and get some help and what do i get nothing. Im the only caucausion (probably only american because nobody spoke any english), in the office driving the crappiest car in the parking lot more than likely the only one with a job and i cant get any help. America is not america anymore its a worthless crap shoot thanks to the rich corporate theifs in office, that run our government. Lie,Cheat and Steal should be new motto for the republicans and democrats. Listen up My fellow americans if you really want change that will actually make a difference it starts with removeing every republican and democrat in office. There the same kind with the same motto they are not for us the people, there for themselves and for the big companies out there history has shown that.

Whats with the bail out money for the banks and the auto industry? If your unaware then let me inform you a little on where unecessary tax payer money is being spent. Partys for citi finacial group along with paying the salaries of the new york mets that alone is 45 billion. Meanwhile all the ceos of the banks like for example the biggest bank theif bank of americam,ceos are still gettin there 40 million a year plus free private jet trips on yes our tax dollars.

Now for the automobile bail outs??? What a joke a joke if your somewhat smart you will agree with me that this is bull****.
Heres a list of what the US auto makers could do to sell more automobiles and stay up with its forigen competitors.
1. Design hybrid cars not full size suvs and trucks.
2. Lower your prices so cars would me more affordable to the US tax payer.(A car only cost around 10,000 to build if that and they wanna steal 15 to 50 thousand from you?????) dont think so
3. Quit paying all your ceos outrageous amounts of money and sending them on free private jet rides and vacations on the tax payers dime.
4. theres no reason that the people who build the automobiles need to be paid over 50 dollars an hour. construction salaries arent even near that and the schooling is just as long.

if you made it this far i just want to leave you with one last question. Since when were the world police? So the question is Why start a war in another country and then have the united states tax payers PAY to rebuild it??? Well that leads me to another question. Why are we giving money to help foriegn countrys and giving money to foriegn students to come here and live free and get a free education, While us as americans have to give everything we have to try and get in a good college.

Well i got a little carried away on the first topic and brought up more good topics. please feel free to copy and paste this and send it to all the americans you know that are still in denile and think our goverment is doing a good job or the best they can. The fact is the US goverment has FAILED the AMERICAN people. Thanks again (MIKE free speech)


Can anyone help? I was hospitalized for 5 days and many doctors visits. Grand total is about 25,000.00. I did not have insurance at the time so its all on me. I have worked out a payment plan with the hospital and thank god they cut the bill in half. The other 15 bills…none of them will work with me. They will only take 25.00 month or nothing. I cant send everyone of them at the same time 25.00. That adds up to a huge bill I cant pay. I was hoping to send all of them 10.00 a month but noone will help. I am just about to say f… and not pay any of them since they are not working with me. Please advise someone!!!!!!


I suggest that you send each of them whatever you can afford on a regular basis. If they send it back, keep the documentation for proof and move onto the next one and send them more. You will not owe the ones that send the payments back to you or who rejects payments. lb


They can place a lein on any property you own if you do not pay.  Such as home or anything with a title or deed.


In writing, using a certified letter, send them notification that you plan to pay $10 a month until the bill is paid off. Explain that is all you can afford. Ask them to work with you in writing. This is more effective than on the phone and creates proof in case you have to go to court in the future. Keep copies of all your letters and the certified slip from the post office. Also, keep copies of all replies.

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