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Originally uploaded by trevor.snyder.

In the photo, I am inserting the 18-gauge needle with catheter into the arm and vein of Spc. Harold Lewis, Jr.

He did the same thing to me, and broke out into a major sweat during his “stick.” He got it right, however.

Our military training continues full pace. Our days have been averaging about 16 hours. We get up between 0500 and 0630 every day and retire for the night at about 2200 or 2300. Our evening free time is limited by the various mundane tasks that are required of us, but a few of us have had a little time to watch some DVDs in the evening recently.

I spend most of my “free time” helping people with their computers, checking my e-mail, calling my wife and organizing my gear. And of course, there is the blog, which eats a hole in my day due to very slow Internet speeds here.



Lewis is doing the same thing I would be doing–NOT looking at the needle. If I watch it, I pull my arm away, no matter how much I tell my brain to keep it still.


Personally.. He looks like you injected him with some Valium or something.. LOL


he looks like he’s asking the doc: “are you sure he knows what he’s doing?”

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