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The power of a link and the power of perception

Thanks primarily to Michelle Malkin linking to my site, I’m up to 300 visitors a day. Initially, Michelle’s link brought in 1,100 visitors over a 48-hour period. The traffic spike has petered off to a level that is still three times what I was receiving prior to her casual mention.

Michelle is thinking about some of the same things I’m thinking about these days, albeit from a slightly different perspective.

The details of her blog post regarding possible prisoner murders by the U.S. military in Iraq are important and should be read and considered carefully.

One thing I try to keep in mind when the pundits are flapping their gums is that I am constantly being bombarded by information and that most of it is of dubious or low quality. One thing I appreciate about Michelle Malkin is that she researches topics before mentioning them. That’s important, because it means the level of quality of the information spewing forth from her is usually higher than that coming from many other sources.

I say this without consideration of her personal politics.

People build perceptions over a period of time based on the information that is constantly bombarding them. In a society as information rich and quality poor as ours, it’s important to have filters. Michelle Malkin, then, is one of my information filters. She helps me sort and quantify. Neal Boortz is another person I rely on as an information filter. Many of the blogs I read regularly also act as such filters. The New American Revolutionist, A Dog Named Liberty, Bruce Schneier and others are valued filters.

My worldview is increasingly shaped by those I entrust with the role of my filters. Thank you. You keep me sane.


Liberty Dog

Thanks…I take that as quite an honor.


I’m not sure about honor, but mark of respect on my part, certainly.

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