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A book in a tent
A book in a tent

Welcome to the will to exist info page. This is where you’ll find the answers to any questions you may have about me or the site. Of course, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact me via

About The Site

The will to exist is a blog that chronicles ideas, events, people, politics and technology. It has been primarily written by a single author, although guest authors sometimes appear.

About The Primary Author

I’m male, 41, married, libertarian and a naturalized citizen. I’ve lived in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Haiti, Iraq and the United States. I am a transhumanist, animal lover, technology professional/enthusiast and minarchist.

I have a master’s degree in management of information technology, and I am currently working on a master’s in English. Nothing in this blog should be considered to be an official opinion of any sort. My ideas here do not necessarily reflect the ideas of any governing body, board of important people, politician or leader, nor do they influence my professional demeanor. This blog serves as an intellectual whiteboard of sorts. Ideas change as they are tested, explored and subjected to the forces of time, social constructs and continual re-examination.

None of these tidbits defines me as a human being, but each point is a clue to my character.

Administrative Minutia

Here are the usual legal disclaimers and some general information relating to the site:

Anything you e-mail me becomes the property of We will use it as we see fit.

You can copy any blog content you find here as long as you link back to this blog. Copy an entire article without asking permission is in bad taste, and highly discouraged. Reposting entire RSS feeds without attribution and trackback links is rude, and I ask that you not do it.

Yes, you may. Would you, please?

VACANT TRACKBACKS: In bad taste. We fill them in – you should too.

Feel free to tell us when you think something is wrong.

Don’t be abusive, or you will find your IP banned. Other than that, feel free to say what you think.

This site may contain images and ideas that are offensive and is not suitable for children or those with poorly developed mental faculties.┬áThe opinions expressed here are those of the post author and in no way reflect the opinions of any official group. Got something to say? Leave a comment. Offended? You’re welcome to go somewhere else. The Internet is a big place.

PRIVACY: No information about visitors to this site will be publicly released or shared with any party except in cases where the visitor leaves a public comment on the blog or in cases of attempted hacking or spamming, in which case such data may be publicly shared at the discretion of the site’s author. More about privacy here.