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To Drill; or Not To Drill: That is the Question.

Today the House approved the domestic drilling of oil.  [image:325:r:l=x] Unleash the surveying hounds from Oil Hell!  Scour the hemisphere from Maine to Alaska and requisition the biggest, blackest, crudest oil deposits known to man; caribou and birds be damned! 

While we could never sustain our own demand domestically it still makes sense to help supplement it with our own resources.

I applaud the House for passing this bill.  It’s definitely a step in the right direction as far as weaning ourselves off the middle-eastern teat and becoming self-sufficient.

The sad part is that every time the House has approved a bill the Senate shuts it down. 

“We need to develop energy, here at home. … We can’t say no to everything,” declared Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Calif.

Tom Daschle was one of them.  He argued that the oil would only sustain the United States demand for 6 months.  He was right; if ANWR became became our only resource for crude oil and gas.  Clearly it wouldn’t and therefore his argument was stupid, illogical and misleading.

There’s an estimated 5-15 billion barrels of oil in ANWR alone.  In reality the Alaskan Pipeline would take 25 years to move that much oil. Considering the Alaskan Pipeline accounts for almost 20% of our annual oil production it doesn’t seem like such bad idea now does it?


Stephen Macklin

I think it is of possibly greater importance for the message it would send if the US demonstrated that is was serious about at least reducing our need for Mid East Oil. All the talk and hype about hydrogen powered cars and ethanol looks like empty bluster while we sit on untapped petroleum reserves.


Amen Stephen.


Let’s see. The US is already the third largest producer of oil in the world. The top five countries that the US imports from are Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Nigeria.
Yes, sir, we are dependent upon ME oil .

I assume everyone here favors the US keeping the oil it produces instead of exporting it. The last figures I saw said that the production volume from ANWR was equivalent to the amount we obtained from Iraq before the war. It would be a shame if we exported that oil to other countries. We already export 268M barrels a year to other countries now. Perhaps we should keep that, too.

There is nothing like a storehouse to be raided…..

There are three places left in the world that have not been explored for oil: the north pole, the south pole, and deep water. One can expect that we will soon be battling for commercial drilling rights in those three places.

One of these days we just might want an alternative fuel source.


Why would we export the oil obtained from ANWR? Did I miss part of the conversation?

I’ll be the first to buy a hydrogen car when they become practical and affordable.

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