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Hacktivism lost a legend when it was discovered yesterday that the defense lawyer on the crusade Jay leiderman had died at the age of only 50. From him we can really say that he lived while he was alive.

Leiderman, a Ventura-based bon vivant and old-school storyteller, represented everyone from Barrett Brown to Paypal 14, often at no charge. The whiskey-driving Maserati enthusiast and Deadhead made their money fighting for medical marijuana in the courts, though he personally preferred good cigars to weed.

“Most of the people who come here are having the worst day of their life. They don’t need a stuffy asshole that’s dead inside.

Jay Leiderman in Buzzfeed

It all started with a tweet.

If it looks like something out of a Bond movie, it’s because it almost was; in recent years, he was in talks to be the subject of a Joe Kenda-style reality show, although the deal ultimately fell through.

I told him to take it for the record.

In 2014, he gave us an in-depth interview that foreshadowed much of what has happened since. In it, he coined the term “the Sabu effect” for how the arrest of activists and mutual suspicion of snitches actually improved subsequent security in the community: this is essentially the theory of the evolution of opsec.

The government is taking advantage. While they can create chaos and sow the seeds of dissent and mistrust in the community, they have prevailed to some extent.

Really, this community of all activist communities or all communities that exist should be careful about their identities, should be careful about the secrets they share, with people they perceive as their brothers and sisters in protest, in philosophy. They should be the MOST secure.

Partly that’s a good thing because it teaches the community, and it’s a very smart community: the hacktivist community, the online dissent community, is filled with brutally brilliant people. As he moves forward in his next wave of activity, they are going to have learned a really good lesson from Sabu and all that. It will be beneficial. I look like a half-full glass; there is a benefit to that and that is that everyone has become smarter in what they say, what they share with people, even people perceived as their friends.

Silent should be the default.

Jay Leiderman in The Cryptosphere

Here are six minutes of Jay being Jay

While the coroner says it will take weeks to publish an official cause of death, his brother announced on social media that the cause was a heart attack. The funeral takes place this Sunday in Paramus, New Jersey.

His client Christopher Doyon, better known as Commander X of the PLF and Anonymous, is being held in Santa Rita Prison, awaiting trial on charges related to activism dating back to the past decade. Jay was his lawyer at the time and gladly agreed to help the defense this time too, working with X’s public defender Jay Rorty, who himself has a background in hacktivism law.

He will need it. Here is Gizmodo’s summary of Situation X.

Leiderman’s hack clients had a nagging habit of openly admitting to what they were accused of doing. One of them has spent a decade evading police in several countries, giving interviews on the run. (The customer was capture in June.) Yet their cases struck a chord with the Queens-born lawyer, who had long stuck to a rebellious legal philosophy. After a city in California passed a law criminalizing homelessness, the same customer shut down one of its websites for less than an hour. Where the FBI saw a computer crime worth up to 15 years in prison, Leiderman saw a civil protest against unjust law; a protest, he hastened to note, that had caused no discernible harm.


Today X’s sister Amy-beth, who led the #FreeCommanderX movement, released a recording of Doyon in the Santa Rita prison. In the midst of the hubbub of a prison common room, Doyon chokes on remembering his friend and advocate, and demands that we all remember that Jay was not only a crusading lawyer but also a father, and put aside our differences in mourning.

Today I learned that my longtime lawyer and dear friend Jay Leiderman has passed away. Like so many people out there today, I have a lot of unanswered questions. But the bottom line is that Jay stood up for me, working on my case until the day he died, and he was not just my lawyer, but my friend.

And in a world full of people who hate me, anonymous people and information activists, Jay Leiderman has been tireless in his defense of all of us.

His love (especially for Anonymous) never wavered.

I have been told that there are Internet users who denigrate the memory of Jay Leiderman. To these people, I would just say that we are all human. We all stumble and fall. But Jay Leiderman tried to be a good man.

But still, I would remind everyone that he leaves behind a child who loved him very much. So let us remember Jay with charity and love. Our gregarious and smiling defender, the First Public Prosecutor of Anonymous.

Christophe Doyon

Anonymous is in mourning, and if anything good can come of this great loss, it may be the healing of old wounds and the reunification of those who have been separated over the years.

With that in mind, if you would like to write to Doyon or contribute to his commissary fund, Here is the informations:

Santa Rita Prison
Surname and first name of detainee and PFN number
5325, boulevard Broder
Dublin, CA 94568
Santa Rita Prison
Christoper Doyon PFN # UMD885
5325, boulevard Broder
Dublin, CA 94568
or the format of another messaging service:
Santa Rita Prison
5325, boulevard Broder
Dublin, CA 94568
Inmate # 03476-028

X’s tribute joins those of so many others in Anonymous Today. The world of hacktivism has lost a giant, even if it has never learned to code.

Jay was a Deadhead who despaired of my musical tastes but I like to think he would have loved it. This one’s for you, Jay. I will never abandon you.

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