Anonymous Architect Comments on Need for ‘Degrowth’ in Detailed Manifesto | New


Ecological blog Treehugger published an exchange between the author of a new anonymous Twitter manifesto which describes in 25 points the need to combat the capitalist idea that endless growth is the only option for modern industrial societies. Patrik Schumacher and others are cited as examples of the wrong side of the industry, with groups like Architects Declare and thinkers such as Tim Jackson, Jason Hickel and Open City director Phineas Harper being cited as the buglers of a movement which, according to the latter, is more or less inevitable.

“We use ‘degrowth’ because, as architects, sometimes we get to control the consumption tap a bit,” shares the author and architect, who wished to remain anonymous in his conversation with Treehugger’s Lloyd Alter. “One day, architects may be called upon, first and foremost, to make spatial interventions that create value for society and for future generations – more as custodians or repairers, and less as givers of heroic forms that primarily function as the marketing arm of the real estate industry.”

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The author also argued for more proactive application of the updated AIA Code of Ethics to environmental justice concerns, as well as the need for clients to take a more aggressive stance in favor of ethical sourcing and fair labor practices. They also denounced “forced labor or environmental crime embedded in their supply chain” (a mantle also taken up by Grace Farms founder Sharon Prince).

When asked if they were part of a larger group or organization, the unnamed American “architectural worker” told Alter:

“I wrote and posted it myself. However, I am very much connected to the activist architecture community, and my intention has been to synthesize and reflect what I hear as a source of frustration among many architects, especially young people who not only increasingly struggle materially, but perhaps more importantly, increasingly feel that the profession is inextricably complicit in climate breakdown. like a provocation, but there were a few people asking to sign, so maybe it will evolve into something like that.”

During their exchange with Alter, the author explained that “it was all meant to provoke and inspire.” The complete manifesto is complete thread to discover in its entirety below.

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