Anti-Semitic flyers linking Jews to anti-Vaxx movement posted in Santa Monica schools

Police investigation incidents at Eddison, Will Rogers, McKinley and Grant elementary schools

By Sam Catanzaro

Santa Monica police are investigating anti-Semitic flyers posted at public schools last week linking Jews to the anti-vaccine movement.

The incidents were first reported by the Los Angeles Times on January 13 and took place the same day at four public elementary schools. According to Gail Pinsker, spokeswoman for the Santa Monica Malibu-Unified School District, teachers at the four schools — Eddison Language Academy, Will Rogers Learning Community and McKinley and Grant Elementary Schools — discovered the flyers Thursday morning when they arrived before 8 a.m.

The flyers were on walls and signs, among other surfaces, and showed a Star of David constructed by the letters A and V with the phrase “anti-vaxxer.” The flyers also asked people to flag those who are against vaccines “because you care and they don’t” and provide a number to the text, as reported by The Times. The number, with a Kentucky area code, says it is an “anti-vaccination hotline”, run by the organization Safer Tomorrow.

“We recognize an anti-Semitic element here with the image and the star,” Pinsker told The Times. “The school district encourages vaccinations for students and we have a staff vaccination mandate, but there doesn’t seem to be a connection to any of those things.”

The Times goes on to report that when more information is requested from the phone number, an automated response indicates that the organization is “beginning to collect (but not act on) information about anti-vaxxers… This way we can work together towards a solution as a society”.

The Santa Monica Police Department said they responded to the respective schools to gather information and investigate the incident.

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