Are the Smurfs atheistic existentialists? | Colin Garbarino

Are the Smurfs atheistic existentialists? | Colin Garbarino | first things

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Everyone has a view of the world. Even the Smurfs.

This weekend I saw the new trailer for Smurfs 2. Looks like a fun game. Gargamel is back and he has a new plan to catch those two apple tall little blue beings. If the trailer accurately represents the movie, we’ll be entertained with non-stop shenanigans and jinks. We will also have a good dose of atheistic existentialism.

Watch the trailer below. At 1:45 a.m., Papa Smurf says, “It doesn’t matter where you’re from; what matters is who you choose to be.

How inspiring! If only it was true.

It doesn’t matter where we come from. If God is really our creator, then we really owe him something. Papa Smurf’s words of pseudo-wisdom only make sense if our existence is the product of insignificant forces. If we are the products of evolution, then we must give meaning to our lives. We have to choose to be somebody. If we have a creator, chances are he wants us to be a certain person, and maybe we should ask him if we’re confused.

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