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We were enjoying our comfortable semi-retirement in the Covidia era, in the most sleepy national capital in the whole world, kittens, as a maintained blogger supported by the The sexiest prime minister in the world, when all of a sudden something happened to suddenly shake us up, and the most unpleasant, awake. And in action.

Longtime readers, poetry buffs, and bewildered system administrators will remember our regular column of news commentary. Numbers, written by the charming and talented Curt Hopkins from Oregon and San Francisco.

Numbers is a weekly column of commentary in poetic form by Curt Hopkins. “Numbers” is a historical term for poetry, and also alludes to numbers in programming..

Curt, it seems, needs our help. And because we’re firmly #TeamCurt around these parts (I mean, how could you not to be; man is a tie knot nerd and gifted poet!) we ask that you join us in donating, sharing and supporting Curt v Cancer fundraiser.

Well I had a case of cancer. Fortunately, this is the type of cancer that doesn’t metastasize, or at least doesn’t for me. It’s a tumor. He was treated with radiation which did what he was supposed to do and shrunk the tumor. On September 30, they will operate on him.

Overall, the chances of a successful recovery are very good.

So, scary as it all is, the problem isn’t with the treatment. The problem is with the American medical system. I have confidence and a good job. And already my savings have run out and there’s a huge bill to pay that I can’t afford to pay. So unfortunately I need to seek help this way.

If you can afford to help, do it. I’d like to get out of it both alive and without having to shake a pewter mug at the Civic Center. The only thank you I can give you, apart from saying “thank you”, is to share with you my long poem entitled “The days of illness”. I will send it to each of you who contribute.

Curt vs Cancer Fundraiser

Since then, kittens, things got more complicated. Curt had surgery recently and unfortunately his stitches didn’t hold, turning his living room into “something from the Carrie movie.” So if you can help us reach the goal of $ 7,500 or maybe a little higher for luck, that would be great.

We need our poets, people.

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