Climate activists block Glasgow gas shipping office in solidarity with Ukraine – Freedom News

Climate activists have blocked the Glasgow offices of the Russian-linked shipping company Seapeak, demanding an end to the transport of gas that fuels the invasion of Ukraine.

Activists are disrupting operations at Seapeak’s Glasgow headquarters in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Four activists locked themselves on four bicycles with three other activists sitting and blocking the office. A militant is also enclosed in a gas canister. Other activists carry banners reading ‘Stop Shipping War’ and ‘Make Renewables Not War’. Blue and yellow smoke bombs, representing the colors of the Ukrainian flag, were also lit.

One of the participants in the blockade, Scott Tully, said: “We demonstrate the link between fossil fuel activity in Glasgow and Russia’s war on Ukraine, although Seapeak also operates in other areas in prey to violence. Seapeak – and other companies profiting from war – are considered an acceptable part of our economy by our governments. We need a shift in the roots and branches of our economy, towards renewable energy for peace and away from cynical war profiteers like Seapeak.

Seapeak is a £4.7bn fossil fuel shipping company, whose Glasgow offices coordinate giant gas tankers around the world, including the Russian Arctic.

Russia’s massive reserves of fossil fuels, including gas, are crucial to Russia’s war machine, with Putin’s regime earning more than $500 million a day from fossil fuels in October last year.

The UK has banned any affiliated Russian vessels from entering its shores, leading to the Seapeak-owned vessel, the Eduard Toll, being denied access to Belfast. Seapeak still coordinates tankers around the world from Glasgow, helping to support what has been called a ‘fossil fuel war’.

The blockade responds to an open letter from Extinction Rebellion Ukraine, which called Russian coal, oil and gas “an existential threat to both world peace and the climate.”

In its open letter to the world, Extinction Rebellion Ukraine called for a united response against fossil fuel fueled terror. They said:

“If the Green Deal agenda had been set earlier and implemented in the EU at a faster pace, if the EU had announced carbon neutrality by 2030, the huge problems facing Europe today could of course have been avoided.”

“We must begin the global divestment of all the fossil-based companies that fuel billions in the escalation of two potentially deadly threats to the planet – Putin’s military machine and the escalating climate crisis.”

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