CNLP 511: Rich Villodas on the new exodus in church attendance, why pastors continue to fail, and the next generation of pastors and churchgoers

Author and New Life Church pastor Rich Villodas returns to the podcast to talk about the three waves of people leaving the church, why pastors keep failing, what Gen Z and baby boomers expect from a church and why they don’t fit, the next generation of pastors, and how stress affects the body, heart and spirit.

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He gets us

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If you are wondering:

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He Gets Us is based on months of extensive research and was created to help people meet and identify with the “real Jesus” of the Bible. Budget over a hundred million dollars makes He Gets Us the largest religious campaign in history.

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Convoy of Hope

Our friends from Convoy of Hope help the victims of the war in Ukraine, and you can too.

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Genesee’s diary by Henri Nouwen

The Madness of the Crowds by Douglas Murray

Moral man, immoral society by Reinhold Niebuhr

don’t forgive too soon by Matthew Linn and Sheila Linn

He gets us

Convoy of Hope

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Next episode: Brian Zahnd

Author and pastor, Brian Zahnd, gives an in-depth explanation of the deconstruction happening in Christianity today, a brief history of existentialism, Friedrich Nietzsche and the alternative to Christianity, and the quirkiness of America post-Christian.

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