COVID-19 and 9/11 (Never forget?)



by Mickey Z. / September 10, 2021

Collage by Mickey Z

In response to the events of September 11, 2001, the concept of Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) was created. The ostensible idea was to empower the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to authorize the use of potentially life-saving products (eg drugs, etc.) after a terrorist attack. However, the EUA designation did not come into effect until the end of 2020 – for COVID-19 “vaccines. “

Crushing civil liberties in The Land of the Free â„¢ is not a new idea. For a few (endless) examples, we can recall the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (1996), the Espionage and Sedition Act (1917), the Defense Authorization Act National (2011) or the FBI Counterintelligence Program, COINTELPRO (technically 1956-1971, but probably still ongoing). In addition, the Japanese-Americans interned in the 1940s may well have something to say about FDR’s concept of “freedom”. Distributing and withdrawing rights is essentially a side quest for America’s ruling elite.

A common theme of these takeovers is exploiting a crisis. Two decades ago, the Bush-Cheney administration used the pretext of “urgency” to reshape the country’s psyche. Measures that appeared to be temporary precautions are now considered permanent and normal. These include a wide array of changes such as the Transportation Security Administration, three-ounce liquid bottles, full body scanners, a “No Fly” list, and the completely laughable concept of taking your shoes off before going through security. (soon made completely obsolete thanks to foot scanners).

All of the above (and much more) would once have seemed like details from a bad futuristic novel. Today, they exist without comment. The powers that be have effectively conditioned us to accept whatever is imposed on us. And, after 9/11, that included the “Unite and Strengthen America by Providing the Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Hinder Terrorism,” aka the USA PATRIOT Act.

This totalitarian salvo includes what the ACLU has called “a host of alarming and unconstitutional anti-speech provisions” and has been condemned by three state legislatures and nearly 250 municipalities across the United States.

Adele Welty said the PATRIOT Act was “a serious threat to the exercise of our constitutional rights”. Welty’s son Timothy was killed in the WTC collapse, one of 343 firefighters who died that day. She then testified before New York City Council and said, in part: “[The USA PATRIOT Act] violates our Fourth Amendment right to privacy and expands the government’s ability to use wiretaps and computer surveillance and to view confidential medical, financial, business and educational records. “

Such talk about rights and overbreadth sounds strange to today’s ears. Like the Internet or cell phones, the USA PATRIOT Act is simply something that is passed on to new generations without consideration, thought, or even awareness. This is in part what made it possible for elites to use the COVID-19 pandemic so easily to gain even more control and wealth.

Twenty years later, the circle has come full circle and authorization for the emergency use of an experimental gene therapy is imposed on an obedient population. If you scare enough people for long enough, they’ll believe anything. They will even trust their attackers to help them. It is a traumatic link on a macro scale.

That’s how they made us line up our socks for a flight. An alleged shoe bombing event occurs, a frenzy is created, and Americans gleefully give up their rights for the illusion of safety. Today’s thugs use a flawed PCR test to inflate Covid numbers, impose unnecessary and psychologically damaging mitigation tactics like masks and distancing, then tell us how lucky we are that they be there to save us with a magic hit. But, if the shot doesn’t work or causes injuries, you can’t sue them.

Here in New York, we live under a vaccination mandate – almost 20 years to the day of September 11th. Unvaccinated adults cannot go to the movies, work out in gyms, visit museums, or dine in restaurants. It’s to protect everyone, of course. Except that non-stung children under the age of 12 can go anywhere they want. Why? Because science, of course. To challenge this decree is to expose yourself as a potential domestic terrorist. But the authorities won’t have to find you. Your friends and neighbors will be happy to deliver you – to protect everyone, of course. Remember: we are all in the same boat! (Even the ACLU is now pro-mandates.)

Meanwhile, the majority of black and Latino adults in the Big Apple have wisely avoided the shots. Thus, this mandate limits the ability of people of color to live their lives and earn a living. It sounds like “structural racism” to me. Not a word has been heard from Black Lives Matter or any other #woke organization. Some call it a coincidence.

There is a direct line from Palmer’s anti-anarchist raids to the Red Scare-style union crush at FISA to today’s demonization of anyone who questions the blatantly insane narrative of Covid. There’s also a direct line that runs through all of these, uh, useful citizens who cheerfully support the repressive tactics imposed by a cabal of corporate and state actors.

Unless and until ordinary people break free from programming, there will be more experimental drugs, more invasive technologies, more surveillance, more artificial intelligence, and more transhumanism. You’ll never stop standing in line to be scanned, injected, genetically modified, and ‘enhanced’. There is only one hope and only one way out of this dystopian future vision: to rediscover the subversive of thinking for oneself.


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