Election 2023: Seeking God’s Mind for the Right Choice – By: .

By Dr. Francis Agbaraolorunpo

Nigeria is a nation of very religious people who strongly believe in the supremacy of God. Belief in the existence of God is a common denominator among most Nigerians regardless of gender, age, socio-economic class, tribes and profession. We are believers attached to an immortal, invisible and omnipotent supreme being. attributes. In other words, although Nigeria is a circular nation with a heterogeneous population in terms of language and culture, we are nonetheless guided by faith in God through our various religious expressions like Muslims and Christians, not leaving behind other groups with faith in Almighty God.

But more recently, what has happened in our country discredits our common worth to God. The rising tide of insecurity in all its shapes and sizes across our country is seemingly magnifying our emotional sense above our logical judgment, a situation that seems to eclipse our hope, trust and faith in the living God. Although we all believe in the supremacy of God and offer our prayers to Him, in our various hours of worship, we nevertheless fight, abuse and slander each other because of differences in our political beliefs. The big question is how could a nation of highly religious countrymen allow political jobbers to polarize them into a chilling state of disunity and mistrust? How could we allow politicians who have no respect for God in their hearts, their businesses and the management of our dear nation, to tear the fabric of our tolerance towards others? How have we, socially
and economically oppressed Nigerians, let us be cajoled, mesmerized and polarized by the whims and whims of our politicians who are united to mismanage, bleed and milk this nation to stupor, through their callousness, ineptitude, arrogance, their greed, their lack of judgment, impunity, administrative recklessness and failure to respect the rule of law? Why should we allow those who, through their actions and inaction, have allowed insecurity to spread in a monstrous state across the country, to polarize, fragment and dislocate our unity as

As the 2023 general elections call on compatriots, Nigeria calls to obey. More importantly, the political swapping of Christian-Christian, Muslim-Muslim, and Muslim-Christian candidacies should be the least of our problems in the upcoming elections, but a unity of purpose to recover and restore our nation. There is no denying that Nigerians across religious/ethnic divides are all victims of callous political jobbers notorious for political prostitution. As such, the 2023 General Elections are on a mission to save our homeland from the metastatic grip of insecurity, disunity, uncertainty, economic hardship, the declining value of the naira, as well as the mountain of debt and a host of other monstrous challenges. And in my view, this is an urgent task that requires unity of purpose across religious and ethnic divides. Without a doubt, the 2023 general election is an election that will define our history as a nation and a people, and I am very confident that God is ready to be a major factor in this election if we allow him to intervene. And this particular message is to all Nigerians who hold God in their hearts. Therefore, the careless and irresponsible promotion of hatred, lies, fear, agitation, sensationalism, secessionism and division, which are antithetical to our common value for God and hostile to our existentialism as as a nation, must be abandoned.

As I welcome the new leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to the national stage, I humbly wish to draw their attention to the counsel of heaven, to unite Nigerians through faith, towards this great task to reclaim and rebuild our nation through intercessory prayer and the promotion of national unity. Clearly, the challenges plaguing our nation affect all Nigerians across religious and ethnic divides without discrimination. No Nigerian from any of the major religious divisions is immune to the dreaded threat of insecurity, kidnapping, banditry, collapsing value of the naira, soaring inflation, a threat to our education system, unemployment, poverty and hunger. We all agree that this is indeed not the Nigeria of our dream, aspiration and destination. We are all victims of socio-economic injustice and exclusion, on the part of the political elites whose future is assured in Europe and in the Western world, as evidenced by their inclinations to regulate medical tourism and educational nomadism for their children and loved ones. As such, this is a time for CAN leaders to take the scriptural path to inspire every Nigerian to pray to God for unity, peace and divine guidance in choosing our next leaders who will be tasked with the enormous task of reversing the current morbid trajectory. The new CAN leadership must encourage Nigerians to spread the message of faith, love, unity and unwavering hope in God at a critical time in the run-up to the 2023 general elections. CAN leadership must discourage and dissuade Nigerian believers from misrecognizing themselves as unknown pastors and bishops, as this would be tantamount to breaking the scriptural code of “Judge not that you are not the judge (Luke 6:37)”. In this regard, it is indisputable that God is the judge of everyone’s faith and intention, hence the need to follow scriptural examples to guide God’s flock as they prepare for the 2023 election. The election of a disciple to replace the biblical “Judas Iscariot” is relevant and relevant as a lesson and moral compass for maintaining God’s way in the upcoming elections of 2023.

According to the book of Acts chapter 1, verse 24, 26: ‘And they prayed, and said, Lord, who knoweth the hearts of all men, show us which of these two thou hast chosen, and afterwards they vote ( lot) and their votes (lots) produced that of Matthias. Incredibly, the above process was a no-holds-barred process devoid of divisive turmoil because God was let in through prayer. Likewise, David’s biblical brothers, apparently politically skilled and sagacious, were rejected by God for a little boy David, on the basis of “attributes of the heart of gold”, to rule the affairs of a nation. This process also happened without any polarization or division. Likewise, Nigerians need political leaders with a heart of gold characterized by fear of God, national patriotism, religious and ethnic tolerance, courage, respect for law and order; leaders with a clear vision, a burning passion and an unwavering mission to rebuild our ailing nation, where peace and justice reign supreme. Therefore, we cannot and must not fall into the trap of leaders with ‘heart’
driven by toxic and morbid greed, mediocrity, incompetence, arrogance, insensitivity, sectionalism, impunity and lawlessness, which are largely responsible for our current socio-economic debacles.

To that end, I am writing this short article to Nigerians and CAN leaders in particular, to consider God in our political permutation as we approach a watershed moment in our political odyssey. Wisdom is profitable to direct and guide us in prayer and to watch out for candidates after God’s heart in the next general election. We must not, as spiritual leaders, take the place of God in this coming election by imposing our sentiment and prejudices to foster divisions and tensions, this will contradict the will and purpose of God in this time. sensitive. We must also avoid the path of spiritual leaders in the book of Jeremiah 10:21; 12:10 who did not seek the face of God, thus misleading, scattering and destroying the flock of God.

Surely God’s counsel will stand upon our nation as we unite oppressed Nigerians and the people of God across religious and ethnic divides, to pray for divine guidance towards a godly choice in the 2023 elections. Knowing that the men’s hearts belong to God, we should earnestly intercede for God’s will to influence the hearts of Nigerian voters to reflect God’s perfect will in the general election of 2023.’ In conclusion, unless the Lord build a house, they toil in vain who build it; Unless the Lord guards the city, the watchmen awake in vain’. Psalm 127:1.

Dr. Francis Agbaraolorunpo is a medical doctor and professor of medicine at the University of Lagos. He can be contacted via [email protected]

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