Everything we know about Love Lies Bleeding, the new romantic thriller from Rose Glass and Kristen Stewart

With the sting of her recent Best Actress Oscar snub still burning (we all know her turn spencer was more than worthy), it feels good to see Kristen Stewart reserved, busy, and being cast in auteur horror movies. Since Rosé glassthe director and the twisted mind behind Sainte Maud — a 2019 Christian psycho-horror — comes a new thriller set in the ultra-competitive world of bodybuilding. Kristen will play one of two co-leads in the new movie A24, who are love interests.

While K-Stew has dabbled in the genre before, the actor’s chosen projects seem to be getting darker and darker (with the recent exception of the queer Christmas romantic comedy The happiest season). For example, speaking of Future Crimes, the as-yet-unreleased David Cronenberg film starring Kristen, an industry insider who watched the film during a test screening said “to expect walkouts, blackouts and real panic attacks.” Don’t threaten me to have a good time!

Of course, not much is known about K-Stew’s character in love is bleeding at this point, just that she won’t be playing a muscular woman herself; she will appear rather as “the protective lover of a female bodybuilder”. The announcement, made exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter, also says that the story will focus on “the extreme qualities it takes to succeed in the competitive world of bodybuilding” and that its central romance will be “fuelled by ego, desire and the American dream”. Its premise that makes it sound like we’ll get plenty of gay, sweaty erotica with a bit of existentialism for good measure — K-Stew always delivers.

The screenplay was co-written by Rose Glass and Weronika Tofilska, and will be produced and released worldwide by everyone’s favorite movie studio, A24. We’ll keep this one on our long-term watch list, along with Housekeepers, idol, and Everything everywhere all at once – that is, if a UK release date materializes for what is currently the highest-rated film on Letterboxd. For now, we have at least one new mental image of Kristen Stewart, probably surrounded by Muscle Milk.

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