EXISTENCE: A hybrid of theater and video presented at Theater For The New City

Theater for the New City & Ananim Productions will present a new play by David Willinger, EXISTENCE: A Theater and Video Hybrid. June 9-19 (Thu-Sat @ 8 p.m.; Sun @ 3 p.m.) at TNC, 155 1st Ave., New York. Tickets: $18 and $15 for students and seniors. Visit https://theaterforthenewcity.net/ for reservations and more information

Theater veteran David Willinger directs an exciting hybrid showcase of live theatrical experience coupled with video featuring Espirito Domingo, Sharendelle Murga, Robert Striker and Hanna Ventura.

The play takes us to the Institute of Philosophy of an urban university which organizes a conference on existentialism with famous speakers, descendants of four famous existentialists. An essay contest is announced. Three graduate students are announced as finalists – including Enrique, Liora and Matthias. They will have 24 hours to write an essay on the theme of Existence. They travel to the five boroughs of New York, seeking inspiration for their essays. During their travels, they visit real and imagined places, all of which suggest infinity. As they go, they fight, make love, sleep and dream, have achievements, engage in rituals, take Covid tests, fall ill, stumble upon a life-changing sacred relic, stumble upon a deadly protest demonstration and finally write their essays. The play is written in a magical realist style evoking dreams and hallucinations.

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