If you liked Rick and Morty, you’ll enjoy these shows

rick and morty is one of Adult Swim’s most acclaimed and popular shows, a dark comedy about interstellar travel and self-destruction, with a bit of life nonsense thrown into its swirling abyss for good measure. With only 51 episodes over nearly a decade, there are plenty of reasons to seek out a show that can fill the void left by rick and morty. Maybe you were disappointed with the last season; maybe the idea of ​​a live-action rick and morty makes you want to shoot yourself in the head with a laser gun; or maybe you just love anime shows depicting super-geniuses with substance use disorders.

Or maybe it’s a matter of philosophical perspective. There’s something seemingly specific about the way rick and morty sarcastically embraces its own nihilism and existentialism with comedic experimentation, while revealing an honest vulnerability beneath its sometimes heartbreaking cynicism. Except there are many shows that can help you get rid of the itch left by the purulent rash that is rick and mortyabsence (and sometimes its very presence). Let’s take a look at four shows that, if you liked rick and mortyyou are almost guaranteed to like it.

4 Bojack Rider


Nihilism – what a suitable subject for a cartoon. Bojack Rider details the life of former stranded sitcom star and anthropomorphic horse Bojack (voiced by Will Arnett), who struggles with various substances and self-destructive tendencies. Hoping to revive his career, he recruits young writer Diane Nguyen (Alison Brie) to ghost-write his autobiography, while sadly stuck staring at his own staleness and depravity. The Hopeless TV star embodies one of the most famous lines of rick and morty“No one exists on purpose, no one belongs anywhere, everyone is going to die. Come watch TV.”

In other words, Bojack and Rick are twin flames when it comes to being severely depressed, hyper-intelligent, and always two unfortunate circumstances away from dying by suicide. Although Bojack Rider is slightly more geared towards older adult audiences, the common themes and addictive personality traits seem to be the same – which is surprising given that one show depicts a 71-year-old man and the other depicts a bipedal horse , but that’s the magic of animated TV.

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3 Futurama

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For Morty fans in particular, Philip J. Fry’s character in Futurama is equally nerdy, neurotic, and delighted with women who (mostly) aren’t interested in him. On a fortuitous day, pizza delivery boy Fry is accidentally cryogenically frozen for 1000 years and wakes up in the advanced futuristic city of “New New York”; soon, he finds himself hosted by his very distant, very elderly nephew, and develops a career as an interplanetary delivery man.

Not only is Fry an alternate version of the adorably obtuse Morty, but his alcoholic, sentient robot best friend Bender (who was originally programmed to bend metal into suicide booths) is about as drunk, vulgar and misanthropic than Rick – although true, less prone to burping. Traveling through space, capturing adorable creatures that turn out to be disturbingly violent, and following characters desperate for scientific validation, Futurama is just rick and morty back to the original era of Szechuan sauce.

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2 F is for family

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If grumpy, chronically resentful patriarch Rick is your favorite part of rick and mortyyou’ll soon be addicted to the ever-enraged Frank Murphy. F is for family details the story of a suburban family struggling (and cursing) to navigate their way through their 1970s lifestyle; Frank, voiced by Bill Burr, is a former Vietnamese vet who always dreamed of being a pilot, but got stuck as a baggage claim manager. His wife, Sue, is the professionally repressed and eternally disappointed housewife, who must sacrifice her dreams to maintain her family dynamic.

While both characters detail the difficulty of their gendered archetypes in relation to life and parenting as adults in the 1970s, the show also depicts the difficulties of being a youngster through the lens of children. of the couple, in part because it’s based on co-creator Bill Burr’s real-life childhood experiences. It also sports an all-star cast including Justin Long, Laura Dern, Sam Rockwell, and Vince Vaughn. While F is for family might not show the intricacies of intergalactic space travel, it recounts the similar themes of family complications, ego, and trauma (not to mention alcohol abuse).

1 inner work

inner work

The moon landing was orchestrated by a shadow government, the lizards are real, and the president is an evil robot out to take over the world – you didn’t stumble upon a QAnon social media page (or an episode of rick and morty), this is the plot of inner work. The show’s plot follows Reagan Ridley (voiced by Lizzy Caplan) who is tasked with managing a team of employees who work to disguise the unsettling truths of a reality where most conspiracy theories are actually true. Alongside a supporting cast of Brett Gelman, Christian Slater, and Chris Diamontopoulos, a series of unfortunate circumstances occur inside the walls of the aptly named Cognito, Inc.

Although Reagan’s father is more closely equated with Rick in the context of technical characteristics (i.e. a clumsy gray-haired alcoholic inventor with a god complex and a fear of raising his daughter), Reagan and Rick are both similar in their struggles with social interaction. , going so far as to have them both be referred to canonically and by fans as autistic characters. In fact, it has even been suggested that rick and morty and inner work exist in the same universe.

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