In the spring: new songs for a new season

With the first day of spring just days away and the freezing DC winters slowly turning into sunnier days, it’s time to reflect on the past semester and dive into some songs for spring. With upbeat tunes that will have you humming along to class to laid-back tunes perfect for late-night journaling, this playlist is sure to get you excited for the warm weather ahead.

Here are some highlights:

mona-lisa” by mxmtoon

With lyrics referencing Shakespeare, Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo, mxmtoon’s new song is sure to be a favorite of AU’s literature and art history majors. mxmtoon captures those spring semester blues with lyrics like “I’m so tired of being a book on the shelf (book on the shelf) / tired of stories for someone else (someone else) ‘other) / I think I’m ready to start a new chapter.” As you follow through on that New Year’s resolution to journal more, step out to “Mona Lisa” and think about what you want your new chapter to look like.

Lullaby by HMI ft. Yeah

This dreamy beat is perfect for studying late at night. UMI’s mystifying voice floats over a lo-fi beat; witty lines like “If love was a subject in school / Couldn’t major in communication” provide elements of both vulnerability and levity that pair perfectly with Yeek’s sweet sound. Relaxing after a long day of classes is much easier with this peaceful tune.

Let it go” by summer walker

Spring can bring both new romance and heartache. Reflecting on the past with vulnerability while looking to the future with hope is much easier with the authentic lyrics and warm sound of Summer Walker. The line “No, I don’t regret it, (regret it) / So I learned what love is once I got / Let it go” is meant to work its way into your morning affirmations.

10 steps” by Christian leave

If your spring internships are stressing you out about the future, listen to Christian Leave’s new song “10 Steps.” Accompanied by driving drums, Let Sing “and four years shouldn’t define / your sense of wonder in the world / and if you’ll ever make it in time” will inspire you and your friends to recreate the Musical clip.

spring day” by BTS

Is it even spring till you blast this song? Since its first release five years ago, this song has been a staple on every spring playlist, and that hasn’t changed now that spring 2022 has arrived. Accompanied by its titular seasonal metaphor, this charming song will have you singing and dreaming about DC’s upcoming cherry blossom season.

take it to heart” by Odette

A song that starts with “I am a fire on the wind / I am a lion deep inside” is perfect to put you in the right frame of mind for 2022. Odette started her music career with “Watch Me Read You” an astonishing mix between slam-poetry and soulful singing. His talent with words is evident in this artistic and fiery piece.

Hate our love” by Queen Naija and big-sean

As announced in the clip, “Handcuff season has arrived.” If spring has excited you with new possibilities for romance, Queen Naija and Big Sean’s addictive new song will quickly become a favorite. With a rich beat, this song will have you dancing as you prepare for class.

any other way” by Eric Nam

Infused with positivity and Nam’s incredible range, this romantic song is about to become your spring anthem. If exercising more was one of your New Year’s resolutions, the intensity of this track makes it perfect for all your workouts — from post-class cardio at Cassell Fitness Center to morning weightlifting at Jacobs Fitness Center.

LAST DAY ON EARTH” by Tai Greens

Complete with witty lyrics and a catchy beat, Tai Verdes’ latest track is just what you need to bounce back into the new semester. The visual rhetoric of this music video poses a powerful message to leave behind what no longer serves you and smile throughout life. As many Eagles approach graduation this spring, the particular photo of Tai trying on jewelry with his friends as he sings, “All my favorite people need a teary-eyed goodbye / Speak up, laugh, hug, and give a bunch of harsh high fives” is enough to make you appreciate all of those who make your time at American University especially special.

Whether you’re looking for a fresh start this spring or just focusing on that personal growth, these songs are perfect to ring in the new season and new semester.

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