KGVO speaks with Governor Gianforte on Canada, masks and mandates

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte called KGVO Montana Morning News on Wednesday to provide an update on his first full year in office and also answered questions from listeners.

Gianforte addressed the protest of Canadian truckers against mandatory vaccination mandates for all truck drivers, something the Montana legislature has already banned.

“I am in fairly regular dialogue with Alberta Premier Jason Kenney,” Governor Gianforte said. “I had a chance to sit down with him face to face last week, and we talked specifically about that, and how we could put pressure on both the Biden administration and the administration. Trudeau. I then contacted a number of other regional governors here in the region, and we discussed next steps.

Gianforte said Canadian authorities, like those in this country, must have a comprehensive shift in COVID policies.

“Really, we just need to change the policy,” he said. “I’ve been very clear. I think Montana residents and Canadians know how best to protect themselves. These warrants don’t work. We should rely on personal liability. And a trucker sitting alone in a cab doesn’t is not a threat to himself or anyone.

Here in Montana, Gianforte watched as his administration eliminated mandates.

“Our freedoms are threatened by these warrants, and we feel it here,” he said. “I’ve spent a good chunk of the last year rolling out warrants that I inherited, like getting rid of the mass warrant. We pushed back against this OSHA rule proposal. I’m glad we won before the United States Supreme Court and that OSHA could not compel large employers to vaccinate the elderly.

Gianforte said he was working with the medical community to find a way to provide loopholes in the CMS mandate.

“We’ve been very clear we have a CMS deadline for Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries, our hospitals, that DPHHS last week at our direction released a very simple religious exemption form and we communicated with the hospitals that in fact, they should rely on employee self-testing if they have a religious belief that does not permit vaccination, and I am currently communicating with hospitals about this. We have to be vigilant because these freedoms that we have are very fragile.

Gianforte also released the following statement after the Certification Standards and Practices Advisory Council (CSPAC) revised the Montana Professional Educator Code of Ethics to embed equity in Montana schools:

“This morning’s CSPAC decision places an extreme political agenda before students in Montana. As we have seen across the country, the promotion of equity in education, or the idea that all students end up in the same place with equal results, undermines educational opportunities students. Instead, schools in Montana should promote equality in education, the idea that every student should have equal opportunity to learn, grow, and reach their full potential. The CSPAC’s decision undermines equal opportunities for students. “Furthermore, the CSPAC, an advisory council, does not have the legal power to establish policies.

“I call on the Montana Board of Public Education to right this politically motivated wrong and put Montana students first.”

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