Le clairon d’Adeboye: Sermonette to the deaf?

THE OWL is a fierce and wild bird, but it rarely acts wild. He is a wise bird, but he rarely speaks. The less he talks, the more he learns. The more he talks, the less he learns. Sit around the owl and nudge the bird to deliver its message. Wisdom swirls from the wise creature like a rushing wind. Among the 9,000 species created by the miraculous hands of our God, the owl stands out in wisdom when it speaks.

Wherever you find the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, explaining and expounding in his near-baritone voice, the mood is always a grounded presence of unwavering humility and wisdom. These are rare virtues deposited in the man of God. The donations drew applause from all walks of life, not just Pentecostal amphitheaters. He is the father of millions, the trainer of a multitude and the mentor of mentors in search of power. Adeboye never talks about partisan politics; and he said it clearly: “I am not and never will be a politician. I’m a pastor – that’s what God called me to be. My mission is to be a pastor; pray for you, pray for the nations including Nigeria. I have no anointed candidate”.

Nigerian politics is full of ugly dramas, so Adeboye discusses government drama austerely. He often speaks of nation building only when necessary. The recent events of horror and shame ravaging Nigeria prompted the man of God to speak out a few days ago. Bandits now rule the nation by disrupting proxies. The killers have the upper hand over the Nigerian army. Pastor Adeboye must have been pushed to the brink. With sagacity and measured delivery, he communicated his message without calling anyone a “goat”. And the world heard it loud and clear. But has Pastor Adeboye just preached to the deaf in power?

“At the moment, so many things concern me! Most notably, the attacks on Kaduna State. Why Kaduna? Who is trying to isolate Kaduna and why? And after Kaduna, which state is next? asked Adeboye.

The terror bandits’ evil agenda is not just to encircle Kaduna, but to wrap the entire North around their bloodstained fingers. Whether Buhari and his government agree or not, Boko Haram is back in the North. The group of killers returns this time with more vicious weapons of mass destruction and honed logistics. They want their kingdom inside Nigeria and alongside the Nigerian government. And sadly, the Nigerian military is unable to cover these fools despite the hundreds of billions of naira pledged for security by the regime of Major General Muhammadu Buhari (Retired). What Pastor Adeboye said was good preaching. But has he just preached to the deaf in power?

Pastor Adeboye reminded Nigerians that we are neck deep in the valley of the shadow of debt. How close is Nigeria to becoming like a few African nations now enslaved by their creditors, particularly China?

“We are borrowing more and according to a friend of mine, we are gradually heading towards a state of bankruptcy, an entire nation…More than 90% of our income is used to pay the interest on the money we have borrowed, we borrow more, we are gradually heading towards bankruptcy, and your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren will pay debts.

Nigeria’s current public debt profile stands at N39.55 trillion as of December 2021. According to the Debt Management Office of Nigeria, the debt has increased by 22.47%. Loan servicing is already becoming difficult as the Nigerian government continues to borrow to fill the financial gap. Nigeria, under Buhari, is deeply nauseating in the valley of the shadow of debt. When do we leave the valley quietly and go to the top of the mountain? I hope Pastor Adeboye doesn’t just preach to the deaf in power.

The discovery of crude oil by any nation is the discovery of joy oil. Unfortunately for Nigeria, the discovery of crude oil has instead brought a lot of sadness. A few families are sitting on our pillar, stealing and stealing the profits. Adeboye responded to this, he said, “It’s been in the news and no one has denied it that right now over 80% of the oil we produce is stolen… that to me leads to several questions… Who steals the oil? Where is the money going? What do they want to do with the money? Who are the foreign nations buying this stolen oil? “.

Stealing is part of Nigerian government culture. Civil servants steal public funds, they steal pension funds from retirees and strip the elderly. They rob the workers by denying them their wages. They steal the future of generations yet to be born and there is no reward. Big thieves always get away with stealing. A country that should be the continental source has become a pinnata of disgrace. Daily and shamefully, she slides like a crab with fading hope and fading dreams. Men and women in power are provocateurs of perversion; blind breakers of the rules they have established; and saboteurs of the existentialism of a nation that is going somewhere.

Pastor Adeboye asked a question in his sermonette: “Where is our oil money? Who took them? For what reason?” I’m sure the revered mathematician knows that between 1960 and 2005, $20 trillion was stolen by public office holders. ‘a president who bragged before he was elected that he hates stealing and promised to bring all errant government thieves to justice.The combined wealth of Nigeria’s five richest men, which totals 29.9 billion of dollars, could put an end to extreme poverty in the country.All these characters have their loins attached to the government.

Many current Nigerian leaders are largely arrogant and arrogant. In power, they believe that everything, including government property, is their personal property. Life is all around them and the massive wealth they gain through corruption. In Nigeria, poverty is still alive and growing as the crime rate continues to climb furiously. The lives of many citizens are at a standstill and stuck in a reprehensible rut.

Nigeria, a few years ago before Buhari arrived, was a stench. The country today under Sai Baba is in the bloody gutters of a paralyzing enigma. No one and nowhere is safe. Economic growth has taken hold. Morality has vanished. Patriotism is in peremptory burial. And the sanctity of life is gone with the wildest wind. In all aspects of our national life; they are interpretations of lullabies of pain and suffering. Does Pastor Adeboye preach to the deaf in power? Pastor, keep preaching. Maybe one day deaf ears will open and hear your wise words of reform for a warped nation.

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