Podcast Reviews: Three Philosophical Discussions to Listen to to Make Sense of Big Opaque Things


In our time, the BBC Sounds philosophy

Advanced concepts / Second Self
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Two philosophers drink beer and discuss movies
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If there has ever been a time for navel-gazing, it is that of a global pandemic. For much of it, we were on autopilot, putting one foot in front of the other without tipping under the weight of the world. And so it continues. Here are some philosophical podcasts to help make sense of the big, opaque things.

British broadcaster Melvin Bragg has probed the minds of many avant-garde The spectacle of the south shore from Francis Bacon, Gore Vidal, Liza Minnelli and Zaha Hadid to Björk, Alan Bennett, Ravi Shankar and Craig David. No wonder he was chosen to face In our time, philosophy, a BBC Radio 4 series in which he debunks, for example, altruism, phenomenology, Zen Buddhism and utilitarianism while portraying Austrian rationalist Karl Popper, medieval Islamic thinker Al-Ghazali and Polish astronomer Copernicus (pronounced “Copper Knickers” by this writer’s history teacher, in an attempt to pierce his name into us. It worked). It’s mostly white men’s business, of course, as he dwells on historic boffins, though he empowers Simone de Beauvoir, the suffragists, and Virginia Woolf.

If a podcast is “a digital audio file made available over the Internet for download to a computer or mobile device,” Laura Kennedy’s Advanced concepts does the trick. It’s a weekly column delivered to email inboxes, but Kennedy has cleverly added an audio version for those who prefer to listen. She embraces high / low culture, interweaving existentialism, Socrates, Seamus Heaney, mourning, custards and why we got it wrong in the debate on cultural appropriation. If you like the cut of his smart whip jib check out his current podcast Other self, which launched just a few weeks ago with Irish special guests Blindboy Boatclub and Emma Dabiri.

And now a gear change: Two philosophers drink beer and discuss movies. Yes, as the name suggests, these are two (Irish) brains, Dr Daniel Murphy and Dr Gregory David Jackson, offering philosophical readings in films while soaking up hop products. . Who knew, watching Trainspotting, we could recall the first writings of the Lithuanian-French-Jewish religious thinker Emmanuel Levinas or Fountain the objectivist writer and creator Ayn Rand? John Michael McDonagh Calvary also take a look at (nihilism and Christianity) and Lenny Abrahamson’s book Room (Allegory of Plato’s cave, what is reality). It’s both deep and delicious.

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