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I’m willing to give up my guns

I’ve come to realize that America is too violent. It has one of the most aggressive governments in history. That’s why I have come to a decision. If our President, Barack Obama, is willing to disarm the entire federal government, then I am willing to sell half of my guns. Obama must disarm first though, since he has shown himself to be far more irresponsible than I am. How so?

So, I’ll give up my guns as soon as the federal government renounces violence as a means to achieve its own designs, plans, ends and schemes. I’ll give up my guns when the federal government ends the so-called war on terror and renounces using force against American citizens. The federal government is intended to provide a common defense against foreign aggressors, and perhaps to assist in interstate disputes. It has grown too large, too arrogant, and too out of touch with reality for me to consider giving up my guns until Obama gives up his guns.

Until then, I will not remain silent while a man with literally millions of guns at his disposal complains about the insanity of my brother and sister Americans having access to much more meager collections. I do not buy into the cult of federal omniscience over the lives of those who populate the 50 states. If New York wants to ban guns, by all means, that is the right of those who run the state. Then those who wish to continue leading lifestyles of self-determination can vote with their feet. When Obama tells us we are all his subjects, though, and that he will take away my rights while hypocritically reserving those same rights for himself and the other power elites in D.C. I have to tell him that the answer is no. Not only no, but hell no.

I’ll give up my guns when you give up yours, Mr. President. Stop pushing on this issue. The only insanity I can see in the United States today is the number of people willing to allow an out of control government to continue bullying all those who disagree with its policies. When a President who insists a personal top-secret assassination program free from any public scrutiny is his right tells you that you are not responsible enough to own a gun, you can bet that tectonic political plates are about to grind against each other. The very idea that I should take such a man seriously would be insulting, were it not for all the shrill social harpies who screech and caw about saving the children, and how evil a society must be when it has so many guns.

The real problem with guns lies not with a few unknown madmen. It lies instead with insane politicians and powermongers who craftily hide their own sins through misdirection. If they can keep your attention on Adam Lanza’s guns, they can keep it off their own. Hey neighbor, I notice you have a beam in your eye. Why are you so worried about the speck of sand in mine?

Yeah, I’ll give up my guns and have another heaping helping of tyranny. I think not.